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    Statement of Harry Adler, Executive Director of the Truck Safety Coalition, On Congresswoman Lowey’s Decision to Not Seek Reelection

    On behalf of the Truck Safety Coalition and our volunteers, I want to thank Congresswoman Lowey for her years of service to the American people and for all of her efforts to improve safety on our roads.

    As a Member of Congress, Chairwoman Lowey has constantly put the needs of the public above private profits and partisan politics. Truck crash survivors and families of victims have experienced this first-hand as she tirelessly fought against anti-truck safety riders in transportation spending bills year after year.

    I would be remiss if I did not personally thank my former boss for hiring me to my first position in Washington, D.C. – an intern working for the people of the 17th district. There, I learned that no matter how powerful one becomes, it is all for naught if we cannot help those who need help most. I carry this lesson with me every day as the Truck Safety Coalition continues to help families and survivors transform their sorrow to strength by helping them become educators and advocates for sensible truck safety solutions.

    We wish Congresswoman Lowey well and look forward to working with her for the remainder of this Congress to promote truck safety on our roads in Rockland, Westchester, and every other county throughout the United States.