Truck Safety Issues

The Truck Safety Coalition Supports Data-Driven Safety Solutions that Will Reduce Truck Crashes, Prevent Injuries, and Save Lives:

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is a collision avoidance technology that has been proven to reduce crashes and mitigate the severity of collisions. It has been successfully used by leading U.S. trucking companies and there is ample data and research to support its required use.

Speed Limiters have been built into most trucks’ engine control modules since the 1990s. This technology improves safety by reducing and mitigating truck crashes while improving a truck’s fuel efficiency, which is why leading motor carriers have required their fleets to be governed for years.

The Minimum Insurance required per truck per event was set at $750,000 in 1980. Since then, that minimum has never been increased, not even to account for general inflation or medical-cost inflation despite the fact that truck size and weight limits and speed limits have increased significantly during this time.

Underride Guards save lives. The federal government should require all trucks and trailers to be equipped with energy-absorbing rear, side, and front underride guards to protect car occupants and vulnerable road users from underride crashes.

The Truck Safety Coalition Opposes Dangerous Rollbacks and Exemptions to Proven Safety Rules:

We Oppose Longer Trucks and Heavier Trucks

Say No to Teen Truckers

Why We are Against Agriculture Exemptions

Reject Efforts to Limit Shipper Broker Liability

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