TSC Advisory Board


Professor Drew Dawson, BA (Hons) Psych PhD

Professor Drew Dawson is nationally and internationally recognized for his contributions to the scientific community and to industry in the areas of sleep and fatigue research, organizational psychology and human behavior, industrial relations negotiations, and the human implications of hours of work.

Professor Dawson has worked extensively with the aviation, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, transportation and mining sectors in Australia, and is a world-renowned expert on fatigue in the workplace. As the inaugural director of the internationally recognised Appleton Institute, he oversaw basic and applied research into the effects of shift work and sleep loss on the health and well-being of employees. Basic research programs are focused on the interactions of the sleep and circadian systems, the effects of sleep loss and the ways people protect themselves against fatigue-related errors.

Robert Martineau

Robert Martineau serves as CEO of AirFlow Deflector since 2012 as well as a management consultant, practicing accountant, vulnerable road user activist and volunteer within various organizations.

Robert and his wife Mariella started to advocate for vulnerable road users while living in Orleans, Ontario. They are strong supporters of “Vision Zero” initiatives and have been active members of the “Transportation Alternatives” and “International Coalition for Underride Protection” (ICOUP) ‐ not‐for profit organizations that actively promote safety technologies and behaviors in North America’s highways and cities.

Their quest for solutions in this space led to the acquisition of Airflow Deflector, a company that invents, manufacturers, and distributes leading side‐guard technologies for the city and long‐haul trucks in 2012. Airflow products are designed to save the lives of those involved in truck crashes.

Steve Viscelli

Steve Viscelli is an economic sociologist who studies work, labor markets, automation, and public policy. He is an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Pennsylvania. His first book The Big Rig: Trucking and the Decline of the American Dream (UC Press, 2016) explains how deregulation of trucking and the rise of independent contracting turned trucking from one of the best blue-collar jobs in the US into one of the toughest. His current research examines the development and potential impacts of self-driving trucks. He works with a wide-range of organizations and policymakers to help make the trucking industry safer, more efficient and a better place to work.

Joan Claybrook

Joan Claybrook is an Emeritus Board Member of CRASH. Ms. Claybrook was president of Public Citizen from 1982 to January 2009. During that time she oversaw many successful advocacy campaigns, including playing a key role in persuading Congress to mandate air bags, as well as pushing measures to improve fuel economy and truck safety. Prior to becoming president of Public Citizen, Ms. Claybrook was head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the Carter administration from 1977 to 1981.

Jackie Gillan

Jackie Gillan served as a consumer board member and helped to launch Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety. She co-led the organization beginning in 1990 and served as President from 2011 to 2017. Jackie is also a former board member of CRASH. Her extensive public policy and lobbying accomplishments have resulted in the successful enactment of numerous federal and state laws advancing motor vehicle and motor carrier safety standards, improving child safety, strengthening impaired driving laws, requiring safety belt, child restraint and motorcycle helmet use, establishing teen driver programs, and providing adequate funding for highway and auto safety programs. Prior to joining Advocates, Ms. Gillan worked in senior policy positions in the Office of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, the United States Senate, the Washington, D.C. office of the Governor of Ohio, and the California and New Jersey state transportation agencies.