One Dead, Two Seriously Injured in a Truck Crash in Kyle, Texas

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One Dead, Two Seriously Injured in a Truck Crash in Kyle, Texas

On April 8, 2016 at approximately 12:00 a.m., three men were driving a pickup truck on the southbound lane of Interstate 35 at Yarrington Road near a construction zone. A tractor-trailer struck the pickup truck from behind causing it to hit another tractor trailer that was in front of it. The pickup caught on fire.


Kyle police officers were working security for the construction zone and saw the crash. The officers immediately began to help the three gentlemen trapped in the pickup truck. One person, identified as Nathaniel A. Boado, 33 died at the scene. The two other men, identified as Michael Garcia, 42, and Ivan Trujillo, 24, were transported to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries.


The two truck drivers were not injured. The crash is under investigation by the Kyle Police Department.


The current federal weight limit for a large interstate truck is 80,000 pounds, but for some states, there are exemptions and permits allowing even heavier trucks to travel on our roadways. Bigger, heavier trucks are more likely to be in a crash, more likely to cause damage to our roads and bridges, and more likely to result in an injury or death.

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