On April 20, 2016, at approximately eight a.m., James Gregg, 33, was riding his bicycle on Sixth Avenue at Sterling Place when he was hit by a tractor-trailer who was driving along the side of him.

Mr. Gregg collided into the rear tire of the 18-wheeler truck and fell under the wheel. James Gregg died at the scene.

According to officials, the truck driver was given a summons for driving an overloaded vehicle. The crash is under investigation by the New York Police Department.

The current federal weight limit for a large interstate truck is 80,000 pounds, but for some states, there are exemptions and permits allowing even heavier trucks to travel on our roadways. Bigger, heavier trucks are more likely to be in a crash, more likely to cause damage to our roads and bridges, and more likely to result in an injury or death.

To find more information please visit the website: https://trucksafety.org or send an email to info@trucksafety.org

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