In 2015, 4,067 people were killed in large truck crashes in the United States

Karth, Anna Leah and Mary

AnnaLeah and MaryAnnaLeah Karth

DOB: May 15, 1995

DOD: May 4, 2013

AnnaLeahMary Lydia Karth

DOB: August 6, 1999

DOD: May 8, 2013

Mary KarthLink to AnnaLeah and Mary for Truck Safety:


Byrd, Zachary

Age: 21

Zachary was a caring and loving man. He had a heart of never ending love. He did not know a stranger. His smile was contagious and his hugs were legendary.
Zachary will be forever missed but not forgotten.

Hinkley, Amelia Marie Halle

Brief Description of the Crash: 

As Amy legally entered the intersection, a Mack Dump truck recklessly and illegally ran a red light, smashing into her car, killing her instantly. The driver, Paul Donald Edwards, never even tried to brake, according to witnesses, and he told police “he figured he could make it”. Then he claimed the brakes failed, he was medicated, and operating an illegal rig, which was loaded with gravel, and with major mechanical problems, speeding close to 60 when he hit her in her Toyota Camry in the intersection. She had no chance. It was witnessed by many, and well documented.

Impact of Crash on Family and Friends: 

A huge impact on all of our family, her husband of 16 years instantly widowed, and frankly, has been through hell trying to recover. Our mother, Phyllis Halle, never was sick a day in her life, since the accident she has had a stroke, and a heart attack, directly related to this horrible tragedy. We, her family, have been destroyed by this careless, and senseless killing, and we are just trying to carry on. But even more tragic, in the big picture, is the loss to her students. She was a teacher, beloved by her students and fellow teachers, and a dedicated educator who made huge contributions to the well being of many, 700 students showing up at her funeral service, from all over the world. They came, to let us know what she had meant to them. I am crying as I type this, remembering the things they said to us. Amy’s impact on children, and fellow teachers was HUGE, but snuffed out by a careless, ignorant worthless excuse for a human being, who never even said one word to Amys husband or our grieving mother. Her life taken many years to soon.

Walters, Rob

Robert “Rob” Walters was a diesel wrecker driver born in Fort Worth, TX. He had many hobbies, which included a love for old Volkswagens and collecting antiques. Robert was a very unique person with a soft spirit who played a major role in his nephew Michael’s life. He was loved by many and is greatly missed, but what a blessing heaven has received.

Stratton, Julie

My sister Julie I. Stratton was returning from dropping off hr 3 year old son at my home in Rochester, NY on December 12, 2009 when her car was disabled on the thruway after hitting a deer. Many cars were able to avoid her as she called 911. She was then hit by a tractor trailer driver who was watching a movie on his laptop computer. She was 33 years old when she died due to this drivers negligence. She is survived by her loving husband and two small children.

Sadigh, Roya

Roya was not only physically beautiful, but she was also kind-hearted, intelligent, witty and had a gentle soul. Indeed, Roya genuinely cared about the well-being of others and demonstrated her concern by volunteering in numerous charities on a regular basis. Roya was one of those rare individuals that would light up a room with her presence; she was definitely the type of individual everyone wanted to know. Roya was easy-going yet responsible when a commitment was made. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had her in my life; her life and what she meant to her family exemplifies and brings meaning to the word BLESSING…she was truly a tremendous, wonderful gift.

Rose, Rita

Murdered on Hwy 49 outside of Milledgeville GA by the driver of an 18-wheeler who failed to maintain lane and hit her head-on. In memory of all persons killed in Georgia by drivers of vehicles where those drivers are convicted of second degree vehicular homicide. This is a misdemeanor in Georgia, and that is a crime in itself. There is no justice at all in these cases. Laws need to be changed.

Quinichett, Channing

Channing Michelle Quinichett was born on July 6th, 1987 at Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, DC at 8:11 pm. As an infant, Channing loved Zwieback Crackers, Cherrios and her Wooden Rocking Horse. Often times, she would fall asleep in her high chair. In 1990, Channing’s little sister, Devin Nicole Quinichett was born. Channing was a loving big sister, and she and Devin became best friends, forever. Channing received her education in the Montgomery County (Maryland) School District, where she excelled in academics, as well as the creative and performing arts. She was an excellent student who loved school, where English was her favorite subject. She was also an avid dancer who loved ballet, tap and jazz. While attending elementary school, Channing sang in the chorus. Channing was a proud graduate of Magruder High School, located in Rockville, MD. She carried a 4.0 GPA and was a member of the National Honor Society. Channing had an adventurous spirit and enjoyed traveling. While in high school, Channing went to Europe, and visited London, England and Scotland, Wales, in 2000. While in Europe, Channing stayed in Hostel homes and enjoyed shopping at Lenox Stores. Channing, who was always known for her maturity, confidence and independence, got her first job, at Maggie Moos Ice Cream Store, when she was only 14 year old. Later in high school, she became a hostess in a Gaithersburg restaurant. At Magruder, Channing participated in numerous extra-curricular activities. She landed a role in the school’s production of “The Miracle Worker,” a play about the life of Helen Keller. Channing was also an active member of the school’s competitive dance team, called the PomPon Squad. While a member, Channing and her PomPon teammates won a state championship. Committed to furthering her education after high school, Channing visited 6 colleges and universities. She got accepted to them all, but chose to attend the University of Maryland in College Park. Channing was baptized in 2007, and was an active member of Church of the Redeemer, in Gaithersburg, Maryland and served in the Infants’ Ministry. Because of her love of children and teaching, Channing enrolled at the University of Maryland in the Fall of 2005 as an Elementary Education major. Channing and her roommate, Minerva, one of her best friends, decided to get an apartment and live off campus in 2007. Channing was a senior, and will receive her Bachelors Degree Posthumously in May 2009. While a college student, Channing also fell in love with Kevin Marable, and they were expecting their first child in June of 2009. For enjoyment, Channing loved to cook and bake. Her specialties included Barbeque Salmon and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats. She also loved to shop. One of her favorite past-times was watching (and shopping on) QVC. Her favorite store was Ann Taylor Loft, where she worked from 2005-2007. Most recently Channing was employed by TD Bank. Channing loved her Shih Tzu dog, Sydney. Although she loved the cold and winter time, Channing also loved the sun. You could always find Channing with socks on, to keep her feet warm. Channing enjoyed serenity, peace, and quiet areas. She was thoughtful, selfless, compassionate and giving. Channing departed this life on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. Around 1:00PM EST while Channing drove along 495 (a Washington Area Beltway) to a pre-natal message visit, a tire flew off of a construction vehicle being towed and instantly took the lives of Channing and her unborn daughter. The accident was sudden, tragic and preventable. We MUST increase safety on our highways and bi-ways. Channing is the beloved daughter of Mark and Tracy Quinichett; best friend of Sister Devin Quinichett and dear family and friend to many, many others. A Foundation is in progress and Channing’s Website will be up-and-running very soon! On behalf of our entire family, we thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

LaRoche, Christopher

This was a hit and run by a trucker. Chris and his co-worker had parked along the shoulder on the southbound side of the New Jersey turnpike near milepost 47.8 at about 5:45 a.m. on October 28, 2008 because they believed another vehicle may have been involved in an accident. When they returned to their truck Chris was struck by a passing tractor-trailer. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The tractor-trailer did not stop after striking LaRoche. Investigators are looking for the tractor-trailer and driver. Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call the Moorestown, NJ station of the state police at (856) 235-1028.

Jones, Christine

Christine was like no other. She was a mother to all, a sister to all, a nurse to all, a shoulder to cry on at anytime, but most important she was a true friend to everyone. Christine was known for her kind and given heart, as well as her personal relation with her Lord. Christine was a dedicated member to Anderson United Methodist Church where she served on several committees to included Methodist Women, Usher board, financial committee, choir member and others. Christine was well diverse by being a true friend, great nurse, a dedicated church member and a good bowler. Christine will truly be one of the Lords most trusted, diligent and faithful Angels.