Cause of crash: A tractor-trailer drifted across the median of a four-lane highway into oncoming traffic, striking the front of Jeannette’s SUV. Her vehicle was crushed between two semis. Jeannette and her husband, Pat, moved to Keystone Heights, FL from Orlando, FL in September 2006. The house they bought on a lake has been their sanctuary. Jeannette had an appreciation and love for the outdoors. She loved to watch and feed the hummingbirds, squirrels, blue jays, cardinals, and any other creature that she encountered. She loved photography and her computer is filled with thousands of pictures of her beloved dog Finley, her cat Oreo, her family, friends, and all those creatures that she admires. Jeannette loved to cook, scrapbook, attend dog shows, make dolls, pick blueberries with neighbors, spend time with her children and family, and relax with her husband. Her heart showed that family is the most important thing in life. The thoughts and prayers of a community of friends have helped us for now, but the road to see her again is a long one.