God and Jesus took Mattie from us on the tragic day of April 11th, 2008.

Mattie had gotten up that morning for school, and like most teenagers she didnt really want to go, but went anyway. Mattie called me that morning from school to tell me she was fine at school and to tell me she loved me. We had went and got her from school at 3:10pm on April 11th, 2008 in Arkansas and we were headed back home when we came upon a solid white big truck. Come to find out now, the driver was test driving the truck to buy it that day, and was messing with the different buttons and gadgets. He wasnt paying attention, traffic suddenly stopped and he swerved into our lane and hit us head on.

Our beautiful daughter was taken instantly in our arms, and our lives have forever changed. It is hard even now a year later to write this to you, reliving the accident and talking about it is something no parent should have to go through. Our hearts go out to every parent who has lost a child. There is no amount of physical or emotional pain greater than losing your own baby. If only that truck driver would have been paying attention that day our baby would still be here enjoying everything in life. Anyone who knew Mattie fell in love with her. Her personality, her laugh, her smile, her faith in God, and her love for animals and people is something everyone who knew her misses so much. Our town here in Arkansas did a big tribute on the day of our accident and a year later did another one. Mattie, was only 15 years old and is still a hero to her family, friends, and the lives she saved due to tissue donation.

Our child loved life, please keep her memory alive, and make sure she will be forever remembered. Also, there needs to be a law passed to keep the truck drivers on their side of the road, and to watch out for oncoming traffic, and the innocent lives in the vehicles around them.