Brief Description of the Crash: 

As Amy legally entered the intersection, a Mack Dump truck recklessly and illegally ran a red light, smashing into her car, killing her instantly. The driver, Paul Donald Edwards, never even tried to brake, according to witnesses, and he told police “he figured he could make it”. Then he claimed the brakes failed, he was medicated, and operating an illegal rig, which was loaded with gravel, and with major mechanical problems, speeding close to 60 when he hit her in her Toyota Camry in the intersection. She had no chance. It was witnessed by many, and well documented.

Impact of Crash on Family and Friends: 

A huge impact on all of our family, her husband of 16 years instantly widowed, and frankly, has been through hell trying to recover. Our mother, Phyllis Halle, never was sick a day in her life, since the accident she has had a stroke, and a heart attack, directly related to this horrible tragedy. We, her family, have been destroyed by this careless, and senseless killing, and we are just trying to carry on. But even more tragic, in the big picture, is the loss to her students. She was a teacher, beloved by her students and fellow teachers, and a dedicated educator who made huge contributions to the well being of many, 700 students showing up at her funeral service, from all over the world. They came, to let us know what she had meant to them. I am crying as I type this, remembering the things they said to us. Amy’s impact on children, and fellow teachers was HUGE, but snuffed out by a careless, ignorant worthless excuse for a human being, who never even said one word to Amys husband or our grieving mother. Her life taken many years to soon.