Fatigue Is A Killer: Operator fatigue and sleep deprivation are serious, worldwide safety problems in all transportation modes. Operator fatigue has been identified by national governments and the European Union as a major contributor to air, maritime, railroad, and passenger vehicle crashes. In the United States, the Department of Transportation and the National Transportation Safety Board have cited fatigue as a major factor in truck crash causation. These crashes lead to losses of life

Rolling Sweatshops: Drivers of large trucks can be forced to operate very long shifts without adequate sleep. Truck drivers often work constantly changing shifts, drive through the night, and try to sleep in snatches of rest time during the day. The result is a virtual epidemic of crashes that is increasingly being recognized as a major reason for highway losses and high economic costs.

Truck Driver Spotlight: A former truck driver, Steve Flanders, wrote that on his first job a fellow trucker took him aside and showed him how to