My husband, Virgil, was killed the evening of July 9, 1997 by a tired trucker. The truck driver was within a few miles of his destination when he blew through a stop sign that he did not see and broadsided my husbands car killing him instantly.

I will never forget that evening. I just happened to look out the window at our house because I was wondering why my husband was not home from band practice as it was getting late. I noticed a sheriffs car coming up the street shining his spotlight at the houses looking for the house numbers. My heart sank when he stopped in front of our house. I just knew something terrible had happened. And it had.

I will be forever grateful for the P.A.T.T. Organization and for the information they shared with me when I had so many questions. They helped guide me in the right direction and recommended attorneys to me that specialized in truck crashes.

Nikki Hensley Weingartner