On October 1, 2021, Tom Arrington and his wife, Sherri, were driving on I-95 in Massachusetts when a metal tool flew out of a truck and struck their vehicle, piercing through the windshield and severing the steering wheel.

Tom was killed instantly, having used his last moments to stop the vehicle so as to prevent more crashes from occurring.

Tom was a proud Purdue University graduate who taught in South Dakota, Alaska, and California. He also taught a children’s Christian scouting class, where he loved to make a mess and have fun adventures with his students. He would do anything for others, and was known to help friends with auto repairs in exchange for nothing, or for the occasional beer. He was due to retire soon.

In 2022, his wife, Sherri, began advocating for road safety in honor of her husband. She has become active with the Truck Safety Coalition, and is currently working to found a Massachusetts chapter of Families for Safe Streets.