On the morning of July 10, 2019, Kim Huntington was driving in his van on the Ohio Turnpike. He owned a wholesale spice distribution company, and was on his way to pick up an order of barbecue sauce and have coffee with a friend in Fremont, OH. He was unknowingly driving behind an illegally over-height commercial truck. At the Hessville Road overpass, the over-height truck dislodged the underdressing of a bridge construction project.

The metal debris pierced through Kim’s windshield, mortally wounding him. Although every bone in his face was broken, he somehow managed to bring his van to a safe stop. The truck driver did not stop. He kept driving until he got to the next truck service plaza exit. There, the police caught up with him, issued him an over-height ticket, confiscated the bent steel ramps, and let him drive away.

Kim died before he could get to the hospital.

Although the driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter, the charge was later dismissed at the Sandusky County courthouse. The truck driver’s defense attorney filed a pre-trial motion to claim double jeopardy, since the driver had paid the over-height ticket before being charged with vehicular manslaughter. The prosecutor offered no counter-argument. The judge agreed with the defense attorney and dismissed the case.

Kim was a hard-working and dedicated family man. He was a great listener and a trusted friend. He was wise and he was funny. Although reserved, he had the kind of infectious laugh that could get a whole room laughing along with him. Kim is loved and missed by his family every day.