On July 15, 2021, Karen Goggin and her husband were driving to Decatur, Georgia from their home in Virginia, to help their son move out of his apartment. Shortly after lunchtime, they entered a construction zone on I-85 in South Carolina and were stopped safely behind a line of traffic. A semi-truck failed to stop and hit them from behind.

Karen was killed in the crash, along with two others. Her husband was injured, but survived.

At the time of her passing, Karen had just retired and moved to Virginia to be closer to family. After spending nearly 40 years as a nurse, she was finally ready to relax, travel, and watch her two sons make lives of their own. She was a cancer survivor, and battled fiercely for her family and friends. She spent every day savoring the little moments with her loved ones and devoting her time to bettering her community. She is survived by her husband, Tom Goggin, and her two sons, Brian and Sean Goggin.