On January 9, 2019, a semi-truck was disabled in the lane of a bridge on I-75, with no emergency or warning signals enabled. Johnnie Coleman was driving behind a sedan that had slowed down. Johnnie struck the car and then the semi, causing his vehicle to burst into flames.

Johnnie was killed.

He took pieces of many hearts with him. He was, first and foremost, a loving husband and a family man, but you can add countless friends to his life as well. He was always ready to help wherever and whenever he could, often willingly giving up his free time or vacation to work on his house with his wife or head up north to help his kids. He was the same with work. He was a hard-working, dedicated employee, but never turned down helping a friend, even late into the evening. Many words and stories could be told about Johnnie, but he would be happiest knowing that you felt welcome in his home, and that his smile and laughter brought the same to you. No man is perfect, but you will not find a bad word spoken about him by anyone that knew him. He was the kind of man that took in several boys and raised them as his own.