On October 14, 1993, Jasen Swift and his friend Dustin died in a crash caused by a tired trucker. Jasen and Dustin, both corporals in the United States Marine Corps, were driving on Highway 395 near Minden, NV in the early morning hours on their way to the Mountain Warfare Training Center near Bridgeport, CA where they were stationed. It was on this journey, at about 5:00 a.m., when they collided with a stalled semi-truck sprawled across both lanes of the highway. The truck was driven by an under-aged driver attempting to make an illegal U-turn while the legal owner and operator of the rig slept in the sleeping compartment of the truck. During the illegal U-turn, the truck stalled midway.

The soldiers’ car slid under the center of the trailer, killing them instantly.

The driver had failed to register their company for interstate commerce, didn’t maintain their mandatory logbooks, and ignored and neglected the hours of service rules for truck drivers.