On the morning of October 1, 2019, my son (Douglas), my daughter (Emily), and a close friend were on their way to school, driving down the highway like any other morning. It hadn’t crossed their minds that they would never make it to school that day. A tractor trailer made an improper left turn directly in front of my child’s car, causing them to crash. All three of the kids were seriously injured. My son and his friend were taken to the hospital by ambulance and my daughter was air lifted to the same hospital. My Emily fought like a champ for the next two days, but sadly she couldn’t fight anymore. After having three of the same tests ran on her brain activity and all three given the same exact result, my baby girl passed away. My son sustained severe injuries along with head trauma and their friend also suffered great injuries. That driver will never know what he took from me and the rest of her family that day. My Emily was with me for 15 years and it breaks my heart into a million¬†pieces that her story will not continue, but I, her mother, promise to keep her memory alive. She will always be my Forever 15 Angel.