The Truck Safety Coalition co-hosted the second Underride Roundtable on August 29 at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s testing facility in Ruckersville, VA. This conference brought together researchers, safety advocates, government officials, and industry leaders to discuss truck underride crashes, examine the scope of the problem, and determine how to reduce the risks for passenger vehicle occupants through regulation and voluntary action. A side crash test was conducted to demonstrate a major development in side underride guards – a side underride guard that prevent a car traveling 40mph at a 90 degree angle from riding under the side of a loaded 53-foot trailer.

This year’s meeting focused on side underride and included a special panel on crash avoidance technology.

Truck Underride Roundtable

AGENDA: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

8:00   Arrival at VRC 8:30   Continental breakfast 9:00   Welcome and opening remarks

9:45   Rear Guards Update

  • Improvements in rear underride guard effectiveness
  • Efforts to develop an improved quasi-static evaluation of guard strength.

10:30   Break 10:45   Side Guards: Trends for Future Crash Compatibility

  • Safety advocacy
  • Efforts to protect vulnerable road-users
  • Development of AngelWing side underride guard

12:00   Side underride guard crash test 12:30   Lunch 1:30     Side guard panel

Panelists discuss the feasibility of side guards from various points of view, including the legal, government, advocacy, engineering and motor-carrier perspectives.

2:45   Break 3:00   Crash avoidance technology panel

Representatives from motor carriers, government, advocacy, technology suppliers and the crash investigation field discuss the potential of crash avoidance technology.

4:00   Wrap-up and summary

Link to IIHs Release on Truck Underride Roundtable:

The roundtable was organized and co-sponsored by

IIHS, the Truck Safety Coalition and Annaleah & Mary for Truck Safety

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