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Category Archives: Sorrow to Strength 2013

Press Page – Sorrow To Strength 2013

Press Releases Truck Safety Coalition Press Release Statements Joan Claybrook Statement Kate Brown Statement Pina Arrington Statement Vicki Johnson Statement Wanda Lindsay Statement Other Documents (Downloads, Charts, Etc.) FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) Program Increases in Federal Legal Weight Limits …

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2013 Sorrow to Strength Conference

Press Page >> View the Press Page Here Image Gallery >> Awards Image Gallery >> Conference Weekend Image Gallery >> Meetings Image Gallery >> Press Conference Image Gallery Truck Safety Coalition in the News >> Truck Safety Coalition tackles underride …

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Dawn Kings Journey 2011

The Long View and VICTORY! February, 2011 – People Ask Me Why? When some people hear that I work on truck safety issues they ask me why. I have several reasons, most of which you’ve heard here before. I talk …

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Dawn Kings Journey 2005

Sorrow to Strength Our First Chapter When Dad was killed by a tired trucker in 2004 we didn’t know what to do first. We knew we needed help but we didn’t know where to turn. In desperation a family member …

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Dawn Kings Journey 2007

My Second, and most difficult, Sorrow to Strength Conference Almost Conference Time…. I’m just back from New York; there are five days in this school week and Friday is a midterm so I’m concentrating on that. Other homework and readings …

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Dawn Kings Journey 2009

Speaking at the Press Conference and Gaining Momentum Going to DC I’m in the midst of preparations to attend a Sorrow to Strength conference in Washington DC. The conference, the first weekend in May, is put on by The Truck …

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