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Increase Minimum Insurance Levels for Motor Carriers

Background In 1980, as Congress deregulated the trucking industry, there was great concern regarding the imminent increase in the number of trucking companies that was sure to follow the removal of the barriers to entry into the industry. Congress believed …

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Fatigue / Electronic Logging Devices

Fatigue: Truck driver fatigue has been recognized as a major safety concern and a contributing factor to fatal truck crashes for over 70 years. A study sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that 65% of truck …

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Require Side Underride Guards

Rear/ Side Underride and Front Override Guards The federal government should require all trucks and trailers to be equipped with energy-absorbing rear, side, and front underride guards to protect car occupants from underride crashes. These crashes can be catastrophic because …

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