Survivors Assistance and First Response

You are not alone.

Our volunteers have experienced the grief and pain you are going through right now. Like you, our national network of volunteers consists of family members of truck crash victims and truck crash victims themselves.

Through our First Response Program, these volunteers provide compassionate, immediate support to truck crash survivors and families of truck crash victims.

If you would like to speak with one of our volunteers, please contact us at (202) 921-9526 or using the submission form below.





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Practical Tips for Survivors:

  1. Take care of yourself
    Make sure you are eating nutritious meals regularly, exercising, and getting as much rest as possible.
  2. Make sure you have someone to talk to
    Whether it is a friend, counselor, or a First Response volunteer, speak freely with someone who is a good listener.
  3. Ask for help from people you can trust
    A close friend, a relative, or a volunteer from the Truck Safety Coalition. There are practical matters that you must attend to immediately.

Truck Crash Resource Book

Practical Tips for Survivors

Time Sensitive Information

Coping with Loss

Legal Aspects



Network Introduction

Introduction from a Survivors Network Volunteer. Click arrow to play.

Legal Information

Legal issues related to a truck crash. Click arrow to play.

Grief and Loss

Coping with the loss and grief related issues from a counselor. Click arrow to play.


If you have lost a loved one in a truck crash and would like to have their picture posted on the Memorial Section of our website, please let us know. You can email a picture here.Please include their name, date/location of crash, and any thoughts you would like to share about your loved one(s).