Test your knowledge and see if you're a truck safety master!

What is the minimum number of hours a prospective driver must practice behind the wheel of a rig to obtain a Class A CDL?

How many questions is the test that prospective carriers must take to obtain their DOT authority to transport property?

How often must a detailed inspection be performed on a semi involved in interstate commerce?

How long has FMCSA required standardized minimum training to obtain a Class A CDL?

By what percentage have truck crash deaths increased since 2009?

Since it was set in 1980, how many times has the minimum liability insurance for motor carriers increased?

Since at least 1953, NHTSA has been aware of deadly underride crashes. In what year did NHTSA begin formally requesting states to collect data on this type of crash?

Name the organization that sets the standard for providing compassionate support to truck crash victims and helping them to share their stories to effect change?