Parents Against Tired Truckers (PATT) was formed when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel of his 80,000 pound rig, killing four innocent teenagers. There were no criminal charges (not even a traffic ticket) brought against this truck driver or the trucking company for their deaths. Thus, PATT was formed in May of 1994. We have grown from a Maine grassroots group to a Nationally recognized organization. We have been successful in bringing the fatigue issue to the forefront at National events thoughout the United States. Although misunderstood by some, PATT is not anti-trucker. In fact, many truck drivers are applauding us for addressing issues that they themselves cannot for fear of losing their jobs.

PATT is working in the following areas to foster changes that place the public’s safety first:

  • Hours-of-Service rules that promote safety, take into consideration circadian rhythms, and provide sufficient time for drivers to obtain quality sleep.
  • Drivers paid for all hours worked.
  • Mandatory posting of the STAA 3113 Poster (Drivers Rights) Carrier, Shipper, Broker, Freight Forwarder, Receiver accountability and liability for their involvement in illegal shipments and violations of Hours-of-Service regulations.
  • On-Board Computers.
  • Availability of sufficient, safe rest areas.
  • Shipper Loads – Drivers Drive – Receiver Unloads.
  • Public education on fatigued driving. More safe parking spaces for tractor trailers