The Truck Safety Coalition Supports the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act of 2011, S.1950

In 2015, 4,067 people were killed in large truck crashes in the United States

The Truck Safety Coalition Supports the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act of 2011, S.1950

In 2010 truck crash fatalities increased by almost nine percent, from 3,380 in 2009 to 3,675 in 2010.

We support the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act of 2011, S.1950 and urge Congress to retain the safety improvements therein including:

Improved Registration Requirements for Motor Carriers (Title I): a written proficiency exam for applicant MCs; restrictions on “reincarnated” MCs; evaluating minimum financial responsibility (insurance) requirements; increased penalties for operating without registration; the ability to revoke registration for unsafe operations causing imminent hazard

Improved CMV Safety (Title II): evaluation of crashworthiness standards for CMVs; improving accountability of foreign MCs

Improved Driver Safety (Title III): requiring electronic on board recorders (EOBRs); creation of a safety fitness rating methodology; establishing a National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners; development of a plan for a National Driver Record Notification System; minimum entry-level training requirements for CMV operators, including behind-the-wheel

“Safe Roads Act” (Title IV): establishing a National Clearinghouse for Controlled Substance and Alcohol Test Results of CMV operators
Improved Enforcement (Title V): increases penalties for most egregious offenders (out of service and financial penalties)
“Compliance, Safety, Accountability” (Title VI): establishes CSA grant program; new entrant safety assurance grant program; border enforcement grant program; high priority grant program
“Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act” (Title VII)
“Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation” (Title VIII): truck size and weight study including crash frequency and causes on NHS where overweight trucks are permitted, and infrastructure impacts; compilation of existing size and weight exemptions on the NHS
“Miscellaneous” (Title IX): study of detention time and HOS violations

Update: Commerce Committee passes Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act

Great Safety News!
Yesterday, the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee passed the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act as part of the transportation authorization bill.   Thanks to your efforts, we have won a significant safety victory.
The bill includes:
  • A mandate to for electronic onboard recorders on all trucks and buses.
  • Requirement for the DOT to study and adjust the minimum insurance level for commercial carriers.
  • Increased financial penalties for carriers that create an imminent hazard to public health
  • Improved new carrier entry registration by requiring a safety proficiency examination and safety management plan as a precondition for operating authority.
  • Strengthens FMCSA’s tools to crack down on “reincarnated carriers”.
  • Support FMCSA’s implementation of its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and give it the authority to assess the health/safety fitness of drivers.
We thank Senators Lautenberg, Rockefeller, and Pryor for their leadership on truck and highway safety.  If you would also like to thank the Senators for their leadership and commitment to truck safety, please send us an email note at and we will be glad to pass them on to their Transportation Legislative Assistants.
Of course our work is not done yet – the bill still needs to get passed by the full Senate and then the House.  Please continue to stay in touch with your Members of Congress during winter recess and express your support for these safety provisions in S.1950.