The AnnaLeah & Mary Karth Petition: STAND UP FOR TRUCK SAFETY

In 2015, 4,067 people were killed in large truck crashes in the United States

The AnnaLeah & Mary Karth Petition: STAND UP FOR TRUCK SAFETY

Each year 4,000 people are killed and another 100,000 people are injured in truck crashes. This is an unacceptably high number of losses and injuries, but most people don’t know about these numbers or the safety equipment that can protect people on the roads until they or someone they know has their lives forever altered in a crash involving a semi truck.

Karth Crash
Karth Crash Photo

We found out the hard way all about how important truck safety is when AnnaLeah (age 17) and Mary (age 13) were killed in an accident involving two semi trucks on May 4, 2013. In a meeting on September 12th, 2013, with the Truck Safety Coalition and Secretary of Transportation Foxx to discuss truck safety issues, Foxx stated, “I can promise you tangible progress in a short period of time.” As a member of the Cabinet, Foxx has executive authority to make these changes.

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Click Here to Sign the AnnaLeah & Mary Karth Petition: STAND UP FOR TRUCK SAFETY.

At this time, we are initiating an online petition to request Foxx to fulfill his promise and to do everything he can to protect our families on the road and prevent more senseless tragedies by ensuring that the following truck safety improvements are made:

We are specifically asking Foxx to:

  1. Raise minimum levels of insurance required for truck drivers–which has not been done for over 30 years.
  2. Decrease driver fatigue and monitor their hours on the road with Electronic Logging Devices.
  3. Take needed steps to improve underride guards, which prevent vehicles from sliding under trucks–causing horrific injuries and tragic deaths.

We will print each signed petition and put them in separate envelopes. Then, on May 5, 2014, we will take these envelopes to Washington, D.C. and meet with DOT to remember AnnaLeah & Mary and to promote truck safety.

A Mom’s Story: Why we are asking for change

What You Can Do To Help

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2. Organize efforts to get signatures from members of a group to which you belong.

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NOTE: Be sure that they only sign ONE petition: either the online OR printed version—NOT both. Mail the signed petitions to us—POSTMARKED NO LATER than April 21, 2014:
Jerry & Marianne Karth

2800 Ridgecrest Drive

Rocky Mount, NC 27803

3. Find out more about Our Story and about Truck Safety Issues:

  • We have set up a website in memory of AnnaLeah & Mary and for the promotion of truck safety advocacy:
  • After our accident, we were contacted by volunteers from the Truck Safety Coalition–other people who had lost loved ones in truck crashes–and provided with helpful information and support in the wake of our tragedy.The Truck Safety Coalition is a partnership between The Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH) Foundation, and Parents Against Tired Truckers (P.A.T.T). The Truck Safety Coalition (TSC) is dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by truck-related crashes, providing compassionate support to truck crash survivors and families of truck crash victims, and educating the public, policy-makers and media about truck safety issues.For more information on truck safety issues and to sign up for newsletters and updates, please visit the rest of the Truck Safety Coalition’s website.

Please pray for this effort to be fruitful and make a difference for those who travel on the roads of our country.

Thank you,

Jerry & Marianne

Pennsylvania Volunteers Visit with US Senators and Congressman

On Thursday, March 27, 2014, our Pennsylvania volunteers, Kim Telep (Harrisburg, PA) and Dorothy Wert (Montrose, PA), visited the Pennsylvania offices of Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey and Congressman Lou Barletta. Kim and Dorothy lost their husbands in truck crashes — both of which were preventable. At the meetings, the two women shared stories of their loss and spoke about critical truck safety issues, including the dangers of increasing truck size and weight limits, the importance of entry-level driver training requirements, the implementation of the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, and related enforcement.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with these offices in our efforts to improve truck safety.

Kim and Dorothy after meeting with Senator Toomey's office.
Kim and Dorothy after meeting with Senator Toomey’s office.




Congress Beginning Reauthorization of Surface Transportation Bill

WHAT: The widows of Bradley Telep and David Wert, Sr. will visit the PA offices of U.S. Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey and Congressmen Lou Barletta and Bill Shuster to discuss crucial truck safety issues including the dangers of increasing truck size and weight limits, the importance of entry-level driver training requirements, and implementation of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Clearinghouse Rule.

Congress is beginning the reauthorization process for the federal surface transportation bill with the threat of an increase in the federal truck size and weight limits for trucks. Between 2005-2011, there were 1,220 fatalities in crashes involving large trucks in PA. In 2011, large trucks were involved in 9.1% of fatal crashes in the state.

Bigger, heavier trucks not only pose a danger to motorists, but also accelerate wear on our roads and bridges. Pennsylvania is already struggling to maintain and expand its deteriorating infrastructure. A 2010 study found that PA needs an additional $3.5 billion per year in order to fully meet the State’s transportation infrastructure needs.


Kimberly Telep, Truck Safety Coalition Volunteer, Harrisburg, PA

Kimberly’s husband, Bradley Telep, died on August 29, 2012 after a tractor trailer swerved and hit him on the shoulder of the New Jersey Turnpike. The driver of the truck was under the influence of heroin at the time and sentenced to four years in prison.

Dorothy Wert, Truck Safety Coalition Volunteer, Montrose, PA

Dorothy’s husband, David Wert, Sr., was killed in a truck crash on May 23, 2011 in DuBois, PA, when an inexperienced truck driver left his broken-down truck parked in the middle of a dark highway with no lights on, warning signals or flares. David, a 35-year truck driver, was unable to stop his truck in time and crashed into the back of the unlit truck.

WHEN: Thursday, March 27, 2014, 4 – 6 p.m. Available for media interviews immediately following their meetings.


Kimberly Telep, (717) 433-1821,

Kaitlyn Wert, (570) 432-0030,



Truck Safety Coalition Volunteer Chosen to Serve on the Illinois State Freight Advisory Council

We are pleased to announce that our Illinois truck safety volunteer, Kate Brown, has been selected to serve on the new Illinois State Freight Advisory Council.

Kate became a volunteer after her 27-year-old son, Graham, was hit by a drunk, drugged, and fatigued truck driver in 2005. Graham survived the crash after 22 different surgeries and three years of physical and occupational therapy. He is now permanently, partially disabled.

A provision in MAP-21 requires the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) to encourage each state to establish a freight advisory committee comprised of both private and public sectors. The Illinois State Freight Advisory Council is modeled after the U.S. DOT’s National Freight Committee and will work to advise the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) on the best policies and practices to help improve freight transportation throughout the state.

Congratulations, Kate, on representing the safety community.

Click here for the press release announcing the Illinois State Freight Advisory Council’s full list of new members.