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Letter on Maine and Vermont Truck Weight Exemption

Anti Safety, Special Truck Provision for Maine and Vermont has no place in the continuing resolution.  Consumer health, safety, and environmental groups, and truck crash victims and survivors strongly oppose extending the federal truck weight exemptions. Read More…

Response to Letter from Secretary Dill and Commissioner Cole – Email

Michael.Onder@dot.govSent: Thursday, May 13, 2010 2:34 PMJohn.Zicconi@state.vt.us; Getchell, Chip; Elder, RobertErnie.Blais@dot.gov; Jonathan.McDade@dot.gov; Jeffrey.Lindley@dot.gov; Rolf.Schmitt@dot.gov; Tony.Furst@dot.govSubject: Response to letter from Secretary Dill and Commissioner ColeAttachments: Letter to Commissioners ME-VT.pdf

Letter from Maine and Vermont – Email

Michael.Onder@dot.govSent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 9:24 AMJohn.Zicconi@state.vt.us; Getchell, ChipJeffrey.Lindley@dot.gov; Rolf.Schmitt@dot.govSubject: RE: Letter from Maine and Vermont